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Telephone Number Discount Warehouse are amongst the largest suppliers of geographic, non geographic & freephone telephone numbers in the UK managing over 9 million numbers in total.

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0800 Numbers

A recent survey found that 0800 freephone numbers can generate up to 300% more calls than standard numbers.

A unique 0800 number can be used for each marketing campaign.0800 Freephone numbers enable your customers to call you free of charge from any fixed line in the UK - a better way to encourage a call. 0800 Numbers also give a more professional impression of your business.

Choose a memorable 0800 number from our large selection for a more effective marketing campaign. more...

Fax to Email

All of our numbers come with a host of call features all accessible from the Call Planner Pro Platform.

These include virtual receptionist, fax to email, call whisper service etc removing the need to buy a switchboard solution.

We also offer call recording and call queuing.

We provide Fax to Email on Non Geographic and Geographic numbers at no extra cost to you.

Memorable Numbers

The benefit of geographic Numbers is they provide a local or national presence and are often free to call from a mobile phone within inclusive minutes.

Easy to remember Geographic numbers for the town surrounding your business are a great way to expand.

The best news is geographic numbers from us are for life and are portable, should you ever move or sell the business they can move with it.

03 Numbers

These have been introduced by Ofcom as an alternative number to revenue generating numbers 0845, 0844 & 0871.

03 numbers provide a national presence but are charged at the standard Geographic rate, even from mobile phones.

They are also included in Mobile inclusive minute call plans.

03 Numbers are now becoming the telephone number of choice for banks, insurance companies, non profit organisations and government organisations. more...

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Call Analytics - Track Offline Phone Calls

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Call Queuing Solution

One of the major benefits of call queuing is the ability to have more incoming calls than there are lines.

This gives callers the opportunity to connect to your business rather than receiving an engaged tone.

When the phone is busy the caller will be informed they are being held in a queue. Once they have reached the front of the queue they will be put through or if selected they can leave a message. Call Queuing can also be used in conjunction with all of our other switchboard services such as Voice to Email, Time Based Routing etc.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Recording Solution

Whatever the reason for wishing to record calls the benefits can be enormous. The calls can be replayed to glean information that was not noted at the time. They can also be monitored for compliance for regulatory purposes for say the financial services industry. Equally calls may just be audited for training purposes to train a sales team. It is most common practice in the UK to record calls for training or legal purposes. Call recording is good value at just 1p per minute including storage. Stored files for a maximum of 30 days. Please note our Call Recorder Downloader is for Windows 32 Users only. Linux and mac users can access call recordings by FTP

Call Whisper

Call Whisper

Audio Call Identity

The best way to introduce the whisper service is by way of a scenario.

Let's suppose you have an electrical and plumbing business. You have a separate number for each as they each have their own business name.

The whisper service allows a personalised message to be played just before an incoming call is connected informing whether the call is plumbing or electrical for example.

By using the whisper service facility the appropriate greeting can be announced to the caller. This service is also popular just for distinguishing between business calls and friends calls.

Hunt Groups

Hunt Group Routing

Never miss a call Again this is a feature best explained using a scenario. Take a technical support company who offer 24 hour emergency cover. There are 5 technicians working each day. when the call comes in it will be routed in sequence or concurrently to the 5 engineers. The first engineer to answer gets the live calls

Call recording

Record Inbound & Outbound Phone Calls - Do you Need to Record your Calls?

We provide inbound & Outbound call recording for 1p per minute + VAT on top of the call cost. Whether you need to record your calls for security or training purposes, its' great to be able to play back a recording after taking address details to check the order is correct.

Phone numbers provided by BT are not portable from one exchange to another. Sometimes even within the same town. Coupons on